Corporate Governance.


5 May 2021

Investor presentation - RIU Sydney Resources Round-up

28 April 2021

Drilling starts at Munni Munni Project

27 April 2021

Platina investment grows as Major Precious Metals upgrades mineral resource estimate at Skaergaard

13 April 2021

Platina builds gold presence in Western Australia

Corporate Governance


Platina Resources is a listed Australian precious and specialty metal exploration company with both Australian and international operations. As such, it is subject to the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) Listing Rules, the Australian Corporations Act 2001 and other Australian and international laws and regulations.

Platina’s Board of Directors (Board) believes the Company and its employees, contractors and agents should behave in a manner which is consistent with applicable laws and with both the spirit and the letter of the ASX Listing Rules.

In addition to strict legal compliance, Platina is also committed to a corporate governance regime which reflects Platina’s vision and values. This corporate governance regime is consistent with industry best practice.

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